Project Picnic 2016 - Picnic Basket

Every year, we do a charity project in our studio. This year, we are designing a picnic for Project Picnic 2016, a charity event benefiting The Ronald McDonald House of Long Island. 

For our picnic basket, we took the inspiration from the Japanese Kusudama, a paper model that’s usually (not always) created by sewing multiple identical units together, to form a spherical shape. Our picnic basket was created in similar way, identical heavy paper units are bound into one to form the main structure for the basket. Afterward, we strengthened the structure with heavier boards and put a sealant coatings to preserve the color and protect it from humidity and water. The wine and blanket tubes pay homage to the paper lanterns that usually accompany the Kusudama. 

These baskets are sold to the public and the proceed goes directly to the charity.

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