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Author: Nigel Sielegar
Written on 03.26.2019

As a design firm operating in New York City, we got a lot of inquiries about rebranding from businesses. Many of them have similar questions so we decided to post it here on our notepad. 


Do your business actually need a rebranding? 

A company usually decided to undergo a rebranding due to some fundamental changes within the business. For example, there's a change in leadership which usually leads to changes in the trajectory of a company, or there are changes in customer behavior and culture that renders their old brand irrelevant, could also because they just outgrew the old brand which doesn't reflect what the company is in the present role.

If any of these situations feels familiar in your business, then it is a good reason to consider a rebranding. Otherwise, keep what you have and don’t be persuaded by design firms to do a rebranding just to make your business look better. 


Does rebranding mean you have to change the logo? 

A rebranding strategy has to be approached with a lot of considerations in mind. A stale brand usually just needs a refresh without having to overhaul the entire brand foundation. A fresh update on the old logo, different treatment to the brand expression, and updates on messaging usually is more than sufficient.

Meanwhile, a company that is ridden with stigmas would be advised to do more aggressive measures, such as completely changing their logo, create a completely brand new messaging and visual language, and some we even go all the way to change the business name


How much is a rebranding, and who should I trust?

It’s hard to measure the cost of a rebranding, due to the sheer number of elements that comes into play. A good design firm would study your business inside out before they even come up with an estimated cost of a rebranding. They will ask about reasons, the state of the business, the sales, company values, among other difficult questions.

Never trust a design firm or a designer that just listen to inquiries and give you an estimate based on their price list. It’s a clear sign that they really don’t have the right expertise and understanding of the relation between a brand and the business. 


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